Over the last few decades, the University of Faisalabad's Placement Office has worked closely with a wide range of organisations to build a first-rate placement programme. The goal is to prepare students for their year in the industry by matching their skills to the demands of employers. In addition, the Placement Office takes a comprehensive approach to helping students elevate their employability abilities.

The Placement Bureau entails the placement of graduates from The University of Faisalabad with the assistance of a professional team. It has been established in The University of Faisalabad to assist graduates in finding jobs and scholarships both in Pakistan and overseas. It also provides advice and assistance to students for helping them advance in their careers. It keeps the respect of students on priority regardless of their gender, caste, creed, family position, religion, or any other characteristic. All students/graduates are welcome for professional help with their career search. The placement bureau makes every effort to publicise career and scholarship openings on its website, on-campus, and alumni portal. 
The Placement Office runs several annual events, including a range of informative workshops offered by employers. They also organise an Employer Liaison meeting every two years, which provides the chance to contribute to degree programmes, shaping the future of finance and actuarial education. In 2020, 142 students went on placement spread in 57 companies across Pakistan.

The primary goal of the University of Faisalabad's Placement Bureau is to assist graduate students and alumni in determining their plans and guiding them toward accomplishing their goals. All students, current and prospective, may expect to be treated fairly and equally. The main objectives of the Placement Bureau are as follows:
To assist graduate students and alumni in pursuing academic career interests aligned with their immediate and long-term objectives.
To assist graduate students and alumni in making acceptable and realistic professional decisions and choices.
To aid students in a variety of career paths.
To assist in graduating students and alumni, organising capacity-building activities for their professional development seminars.
To organise various activities for the University of Faisalabad graduating students, including seminars, workshops, and guest lectures.
To help students improve their conduct and skills to find and qualify for jobs.
Providing career counselling to students to help them choose a career.
To assist students in pursuing further education in their field of study in Pakistan or overseas.
To serve as a conduit for communication between students, businesses, and professional organisations to enhance employment prospects for students at the University of Faisalabad.